Support Us

If you care about the FMF working to literally change the universe, there are things you can do!

Spread the wordcalvinhobbes stargazing

Spread the message: BUILD A STARSHIP. Let's explore the other worlds that lie out there.  Make sure people realize startravel is possible with today's knowledge of physics and today's resources and that it's pointless to wait for the future to happen. The laws of physics won't change. Startravel will never be the 'press the button and you're there' from SciFi but an excercise in long term thinking.  It's  a nice thing to talk about with friends, vague acquintances or that special someone.

One time donation

Sadly a foundation cannot live on its ideas alone. In order for the FMF to spread its ideas it needs to grow into an well-known  non governmental organization (NGO). Therefore, any financial help is greatly appreciated. If applicable for your country, we will send you the required documents for tax deductibility. Even a rather small amount can already make a difference, and can for example be used to sponsor a Master's thesis prize or a travel grant.



Please also consider a membership (see below) which gives tons of benefits you will get nowhere else!


You can become a member by agreeing to contribute monthly to the FMF. This may be any amount, small contributers are welcome as well: it is most important for us that we can show a lot of people support this enough to put some of their money behind it.




Plus, unlike in many organizations a FMF membership means you actually get a say in it:

  • you can make proposals on the yearly general meeting
  • you have a vote in important decisions (which research projects to sponsor etc.)
  • you get access to the Fund's accounting and administration

 Contact us for more details!

Set up a chapter

Setting up a local chapter with friends can be fun, and is also necessary for the FMF idea to work as this needs a worldwide audience! Have you can anything of world shaking proportions lately? Here's your chance... Contact us for more details!